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Fan Misters

Apologies for the loud video.  It's a large noisy fan, the mist is virtually silent.  The kits below allow you to create a fan misting ring.  The ring can then be attached to the fan grill, turning the fan into a much more efficient cooling system.  Depending on the weather, generated fan blown mist can drop the temperature by up to 30 degrees F.

The mister kit is attached to the fan's front grill using cable zip ties. For your safety, fan kits are for use with fans with controls  on the back of the fan and never under the fan.



  • Drops Outdoor Temperature by up to 30 Degrees F
  • Operates on City Water Pressure (45-200 psi)
  • Can be added to an existing misting system
  • Can operate with optional pump for even finer mist
  • Fully Quick-Connect Polypropylene Fittings
  • Coupling a Fan with Misting increases Cooling Efficiency
  • Brass & Stainless Steel, PP Stem-Nozzles
  • Modular, Very Easy to Install & Expand
  • Connects to Garden Hose or Faucet
  • Flexible Polyethylene Tubing

Note: Fan not included :)


4-Nozzle Fan Mister Kit
8-Nozzle Fan Mister Kit