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1/4" Flex - Universal

The name "Flex system" refers to the extreme flexibility with respect to breadth of possible applications. This system can be used as one straight line of misting nozzles or it can be split into several rows. You can easily adapt the 1/4" FLEX system into your application. Flex systems are very universal. Whatever your requirement, the FLEX system can probably be used, limited only by your imagination.

Depending on the application and amount of nozzles needed in your setup you can either select a 1/4" version like this or a 3/8" flex versions which are based on the thicker tubing and pump that can handle many more nozzles.  1/4" Flex 15 can support up to 15 nozzles and 3/8" Flex with pump can support up to 50 nozzles.

Click on Flex 15 below to customize it to your needs.


1/4" Flex 15