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3/8" Flex - Universal


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The name "Flex system" refers to the extreme flexibility with respect to breadth of possible applications. This system can be used as one straight line of misting nozzles or it can be split into several rows. You can just as easily adapt the FLEX system into a backyard misting setup or into a greenhouse, barn, stable or a ZOO. Whatever your requirement, the FLEX system can probably be used, limited only by your imagination.

Due to the fact that your particular need and budget may vary we have created 5 different FLEX system variants. Each geared more towards the connection you have and amount of control you wish to have. Look through these and decide which would best fit your needs.

NOTE: It's important to know, that a Pump does not act as a valve. So even if you have a booster pump on the system, if it's connected to a pressurized source, like a faucet, the water will pass through the pump when the pump is OFF. Therefore a pump alone is not suitable to be used with a pressurized water feed. You would require an electromagnetic shut off valve to be connected to the pump and turned ON at the same time.

Flex System variants and brief key differences:

1. FLEX System - Basic (manual - connects to water line)


Flex System - Basic - totally manual. Screws into a hose bib and when you open the flow you will get mist. Quality of the mist is based on your water pressure.

2. Flex System - Booster (manual - connects to water line, or reservoir)

Flex System - Booster - still manually operated system. You have to turn on the pump, then turn on the water. With pressure boosted up to 125 psi with the included MistKing pump, you will enjoy a much fuller mist from the nozzles. This system is ideally suited to be connected to a reservoir or pressurized source and is meant to be manually turned ON and OFF.

3. FLEX System - Booster & Control (automated - connects to reservoir)

Flex System - Booster & Control Improvement on the above variant. This system is still meant to run off a reservoir and comes with a control device (on product page you can select which controller best suits your needs).

4. FLEX System - Complete (automated, - connects to water line)

Flex System - Complete The complete system is really what many users have been waiting for. It's a system that gives you the option to run the system off a pressurized water source (tap or reverse osmosis pressure tank), it boosts the pressure to give you a great mist and allows you to have everything connected to the controller.

5. FLEX System - Extreme (automated - connects to water line)

Flex System - Extreme This is like the complete system, but using the 3/8" flex misting assemblies. These misting nozzles allow you to control the direction of each misting nozzle. It's an ideal choice if you want to point the mist to a greenhouse shelf or point it towards a horse stall or the isle.


3/8" Flex System - Basic
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3/8" Flex System - Booster
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3/8" Flex System - Booster & Controller
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3/8" Flex System - Complete
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3/8" Flex System - Extreme
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