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4-Nozzle Fan Mister Kit

4-Nozzle Fan Mister Kit
Pump Intake
Power Adapter
Our price: US$55.00


  • 4 Brass & Stainless Steel, PP Stem-Nozzles
  • 5 Quick-Connect Tees
  • 1 Garden Hose Faucet Adapter
  • Manual ball valve
  • 25’ Flexible LLDPE Tubing
  • 10 Cable Zip Ties


  • Coupling a Fan with Misting Increases Cooling Efficiency
  • Drops Outdoor Temperature by up to 25 Degrees F
  • Operates on City Water Pressure (45-200 psi)
  • Can be upgraded to work with pump
  • Fully Quick-Connect Polypropylene Fittings
  • Brass & Stainless Steel, PP Stem-Nozzles
  • Versatile, with Many Different Applications
  • Modular, Very Easy to Install & Expand
  • Connects to Garden Hose or Faucet
  • Can be upgraded to work on timer
  • Flexible Polyethylene Tubing
  • For any size fan


  • Fans with a pole stand, and controls in back, are ideal for using with misters.
  • Fans without a pole stand, and controls in back, are OK to be used with misters.
  • Fans with controls at their base, or on the pole stand below the fan, should never be used with misters.
  • Fans Increases Misting Efficiency Coupling misting with a fan adds a new dimension to outdoor cooling, where it turns it into a convective cooling. A fan would increase the efficiency of a mister by pushing the mist further away, and a rotating fan would distribute the cool mist all around the space, by dropping the temperature by up to 30 degrees F.
  • Note: We supply the mister kit only, not the fan.

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  • Select the desired intake.  Remember that if you decide to use reservoir for your fan you must use an optional pump.
  • If your pressure is low then an optional pump will give you incredibly fine mist
  • You have a variety of ways to control the fan mist automatically.  Idea is that you keep the fan on all the time and control only when the mist should go on.  You can either do it manually or select one of the controllers.  To learn more about see the controller page
  • Depending in which country you are you can select different power option for the pump.  If you decide to go only with solenoid and no pump then power is also required.
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Value 3/8" Tee
1/4" Flex 15