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Marty has consistently provide me with the best customer service I've ever experienced anywhere. His responses are quick and his assistance has been invaluable to me in setting up a system for my orchid terrarium.
Mary Anne Jan 29, 2016
I am the Director of the Oak Mountain Interpretive Center for Samford University. Our center has displays of the ecosystems found in the central portion of Alabama (USA). I purchased a Mist King starter system to hydrate an exhibit that feature tiger salamanders. It was obvious while unpacking the kit that the unit was solid and well-designed. After installing the unit, I could not get the seconds timer properly programed. I set an email to Marty at Mist King that was immediately answered, within an hour, identifying the mistake that I made programing the unit. I made the corrections and the unit works like a charm! I plan to purchase an additional unit to hydrate a very large wetland exhibit that is currently under construction at our center. The second unit will be the next size larger due to the area of this exhibit. I highly recommend this product!
David Frings Jan 27, 2016
I am very grateful to Marty for his willingness to be available to troubleshoot my T-24 timer on a Sunday night!! I posted my question and didn't expect a reply until Monday, so didn't see it until after dinner. He was right there to respond, even at the late hour. Remarkable commitment to customer service! The glitch turned out to be in my reading comprehension, and my mister is working beautifully. Great product! Thanks, Marty, for your support!
Linda Jan 18, 2016
I wish I would have known about MistKing years ago! I threw my money away on 2 other "rainfall systems" that broke down shortly after purchase. Right out of the box I could tell the MistKing system was better. The quality is higher, setup was easier, and it's a breeze to use. It's quiet, the mist is super fine, and it works! It really does everything I need it to. My water dragon loves her new misting system and so do I!! Thank you for making such a great product! Customer service is fantastic, too!
Adrianne Jan 16, 2016
After dealing with many reptile care companies, MistKing has stood out by far with their service. They reply fast to any questions and provide excellent customer service. I recommend them to anyone who needs an advanced high quality misting system.
I look forward to doing business with them in the future
Kelsey N Jan 12, 2016
Hands down the best customer service i have ever received PERIOD! Incredibly fast response to an off the wall request and Marty came through without asking why just what do i need. It was even after hours! Oh yeah the Mister works like clockwork! Thanks Marty!
Bob S Dec 17, 2015
Best customer service EVER! Marty was super helpful when i ran into a problem with my light and got a new one to me fast. And i'm on the other side of the continent! I was so happy i bought my new enclosure to make it a MistKing trifecta for my Cham. Great products with a great team behind them!
Bob S Dec 16, 2015
I really should have added this comment to my previous testimonial: GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Marty was quick to respond to my questions concerning a little glitch I was having. He told me how to fix the nozzle I was having a problem with..and didn't try to sell me a new one right away.
Rosie Nov 6, 2015
I first tried the Monsoon for my misting system. At the time, I only had 2 tanks. As I advanced in the Dart Frog hobby, I realized there was no way that system was going to keep up. When I got the Mistking, it was the best thing. I now have 7 tanks using 15 nozzles connected to it. It's worked perfectly for the 3 years I've had it... and the timer is a real bonus!
Rosie Nov 6, 2015
I have been using my same mist king system on and off for years now. marty has been the greatest help whenever I had a problem. The system works great and rarely has issues that cannot be fixed easily once you learn how to replace the parts. All the parts are very reasonable if and when they require replacing. (rarely)
For the money, its a one time investment and as I said Ive had my same system for almost 5-6 years now with very few issues due to not using it for long periods in between chameleon ownership. You have choices between a less expensive version like mine and a better quality if you prefer. Either way, well worth every dime I put into it!!
mary prefontaine Oct 5, 2015