1/4" Flex 15

1/4" Flex 15
Pump Intake
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Misting system with a maximum output of 15 EZ Misting Nozzles. The name FLEX implies universality and flexibility of this system as it can be implemented and applied in any situation requiring misting. 

Flex 15 can be installed in a straight line with all 15 nozzles or it can be configured in any shape using our 1/4" fittings. Layout can be customized as needed.  Click on the image below to see some of the options, which will further be explained below.

Flex 15 includes:

  • 24V DC misting pump, capable of running up to 15 EZ Mister nozzles. Pump is very robust and can run dry!!! This pump has been field tested for many years by our customers, in the factory and is used by our staff personally. It has extremely low failure rates and it simply WORKS! We went through a lot of pumps before arriving at this one. Custom manufactured for us. Pump is adapted for 1/4" tubing and includes vibration dampening rubber feet.
  • Pump power adapter. (cUL listed). You can optionally select adapters for Europe, UK or Japan. Each version of the adapter is with specific plugs for the country and has the required certifications adhering to the local electrical code.
  • Five 1/4" flexible nozzle assemblies. These nozzles can be positioned in any direction.  Since these are EZ Nozzles, maintenance or replacement takes seconds.
  • ZipDrip Valve with 1/4" fittings. Eliminates dripping at end of misting. 
  • Reservoir bulkhead with O-ring.
  • 35 feet of 1/4" black opaque tubing. Order more if needed and we will ship it in one piece.
  • 1/4" Manual Ball Valve
  • Digital Seconds Timer ST-24 - with instructions.
  • 15 tubing clips with screws
  • Tubing cutter with collet tool.
  • 2 "T" connectors (in case you want to split the tubing)
  • 1 "L" connector (in case you need to turn a sharp 90 degrees with the tubing)
  • cable Y-connector for connecting the ZipDrip valve and pump together to the timer.
  • Reference manual

Flex 15 can silently run 1 nozzle or as many as 15 nozzles. Our misting systems have been applied in a multitude of applications, from patio cooling, barns and stables, industrial applications, by educational institutions, corporations and individual DIY'ers. All recognized our dedication to quality and customer service and are using our systems throughout the world.

We do not ship reservoir buckets with our kits. Our misting systems come with instructions and push in bulkhead fitting to convert any bucket or container into a reservoir. Plastic pails cost from $3-$8 retail depending on size. If you do not need a reservoir, select what type of intake you need. 

Customization Options (explained)
(Select from drop downs on the right) Do not exceed 15 nozzles on this kit or the quality of the fine mist will start degrading.

  1. INTAKE:
    • Bulkhead - Great option if you're using a reservoir container as a source for your misting system.
    • Tap Adapter & Solenoid Valve - If you decide to use tap as a supply for your misting system, you will need the garden hose adapter.  In addition remember that the pump does not act as a valve, so it needs a solenoid valve between tap and pump.  The solenoid valve comes with a wire and it connects to the pump so when the pump turns ON the valve turns ON at the saem time.  When connected to the controller, the ZipDrip valve, the solenoid valve and pump all turn ON at the same time.
    • Solenoid Valve - Should you use a pressurized source like an RO system that does not require a tap adapter, just order the solenoid valve.  It comes with 1/4" ports on both sides.
    • Not Included - If you have your own ideas and parts on how to connect supply, then this is the option you may need.
    • Seconds Timer ST-24 - For more information on how this timer works see this page
    • Repeat Cycle Timer RCT-24 - For more information on how this timer works see this page
    • Hygrostat Controller HST-24 - For more information on how this timer works see this page
    • Not Included - No controller shipped.
    • 5 Nozzles - number of nozzles the system ships with
    • 10 Nozzles
    • 15 Nozzles
    • Not Included - you can always get specific number of nozzles that you need from the nozzles menu
  4. POWER:
    • North America - UL approved with plug for US & Canada
    • Europe - standard 2 prong European plug.
    • UK - 3 prong UK plug
    • Japan - 100V plug with no plug polarity and Japan certified power adapter.


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