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What is the difference between the Value Nozzles and the Premium Nozzles?

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How many misting head assemblies can I use with the pump included in the Mist King starter kit ?

You may use up to a maximum of 15 misting assemblies with the Standard system and up to 70 with the advanced. Any more and you should either get a larger pump or purchase an additional Mist King kit and run two separate systems.

What timer would you recommend to use ?

If you do not feel like reading. Simple answer. This one

The following is an excerpt from the upcoming book "A Quick Guide to Poison Dart Frogs" (see PDF)

Connecting a misting system to a timer sounds very easy. Go to your local hardware store, purchase a digital timer and you’re done! Well not quite. We found out the hard way that digital timers available on the market have two major pitfalls that will eventually catch up with you.
One: The minimum cycle time is 1 minute. If you have a large enclosure with multiple nozzles then misting for one minute will add quite a bit of water to the environment. If the enclosure is drained, then this may not be such a big problem, but if your enclosure is not drained and you count on natural evaporation to take care of the excess water, then misting for 1 minute interval isn’t ideal. Other than adding 1 minute increments to your misting you do not have any options.
Two: the timer depends on watch style batteries that keep the time and also control the relay which turns the connected appliance ON and OFF. When these batteries are nearly drained, then the relay may or may not trigger and fail to turn the misting system on or off. Serious problems start when the timer does not turn the power off and allows the pump to run for hours, often draining the reservoir and possibly damaging the pump. Fortunately, our pumps are continuous duty pumps and can take the extra abuse.

What better timing solutions are available?

Repeat Cycle Timers (RCT) work by allowing you to set an “ON” cycle and an “OFF” cycle. For example, setting on cycle for 20 seconds and off cycle for 2 hrs will make the timer turn on the connected appliance (or misting system) for 20 seconds every 2 hrs. RCTs address the two pitfalls of the hardware store style digital timers. RCTs do not rely on watch style batteries and are therefore much safer. Misting cycles can now be less than 1 minute and are a much better alternative.

These timers have three annoyances of their own.
One: The timer will cycle ‘forever’ and cannot be turned off, unless plugged into another timer. A bit redundant, but has been used by hobbyists successfully due to a lack of a better alternative.
Two: Cycle times are identical. Every time the RCT engages the same cycle will take place. In other words, misting time is exactly the same every time.
Three: Price! RCT cost about 4 times the price of a digital timer.

Repeat Cycle Timers are a far better and safer alternative, but are not ideal solutions that hardly mimic naturally variable cycles.

We’ve perfected our misting system and it would be a shame to now downgrade its operation due to a weak timer. Once again, we needed to take matters into our own hands. We have partnered with a timer manufacturer and now offer a timer produced for MistKing.com that can have 8 timing cycle with a minimum cycle of 1 second. The timer does rely on a small watch style battery, but one that is rechargeable, greatly reducing or even eliminating problems associated with relay triggering. At last, it’s now possible to have your own, custom mist schedule. For example

  • 45 second at 7 am to get the Vivarium re-hydrated from the night and to wake up the occupants with a refreshing morning shower,
  • 20 seconds at 9am, 11:30am, 2:30pm, 4pm to maintain the humidity throughout the day.
  • 1 minute 30 seconds at 5:30pm for a little afternoon drenching.
  • Then 40 seconds at 8:30PM right before lights out to keep the enclosure nice and moist for the night.

Of course, depending on your level of ventilation, rate of evaporation and existence of drains, your misting schedule could be completely different. Also, whether you’re simulating the dry or wet season, the schedule would also be altered to suit the frogs better. Having a quality system, connected to an accommodating timer makes all the difference. This is practically impossible to accomplish with manual misting.

I thought that the pump was supposed to be quiet. What's going on?

Yes, once pressurized and operating the pump should be very quiet. Very often after hooking a mister to a tank, hobbyists are very anxious to see the mist come out of the nozzles and they do not finish off the installation of the mister. Any loud noise that you might be hearing is actually not coming from the pump, but from the vibrations of the tubing. Wherever the vibrating tubing is touching any solid objects like base boards, sides of cabinet, hardwood flooring, etc, the sound will be greatly amplified. Please make sure that pump is properly mounted, or at least laying on a piece of soft foam and that tubing is well secured. TIP: To secure tubing you may use the mistking tubing clips available here, wire clips, twist ties, zip ties, etc. You will further reduce the noise if you will line the path of the tubing with thin foam (ie weather stripping) and place tubing on top of it. Once you eliminate the vibration of the tubing your mister will be very quiet.

How is the Mist King system superior to other systems available on the market?

Mist King system has several advantages over the less expensive misters and even the more expensive systems available. Here are few points:
  • Premium fittings, made of industry grade high resistance polymer and nickel-plated brass, will provide years of use.
  • For the budget conscious, we also offer a full line of value nozzles.
  • There are no messy clamps which need to be tightened with a screwdriver
  • No more flimsy leaky connections through the (plexi)glass. Plug in bulkhead connection makes assembly much easier.
  • Our premium nozzles sit in a nickel-plated brass tapered female pipe fitting. No worries that you will easily strip the thread on the nozzle or the fitting. No more Teflon tape !!!
  • All connections are based on push in fittings. Assembly and disassembly takes seconds
  • Typically red, our nozzles are custom made in black and feature a check valve to significantly reduce nozzle drip and sputter once misting is complete. This is a HUGE deal for enclosures that are not drained. In the long run this translates to less frequent tank draining and more time for you to enjoy your hobby. Having the nozzle in black, makes it much more inconspicuous and stylish
  • Virtually all the components are made specifically for our Misting systems and are tested and optimized for this application.
  • Our systems are constantly tweaked and improved.
  • In order to improve performance and eliminate dripping even more, we came up with the ZipDrip Valve. This doesn't reduce, but eliminates dripping completely. See this video to see for yourself.
  • Our timers are second to none! All the problems associated with other timers have been greatly reduced. Control your mist down to 1 second interval, 8 timers per day at any time you wish.
  • We stand by the products and are committed to customer satisfaction. 100% of the time!
  • No matter what you read on competitors website - Trust us - NO, they don't "out perform all the other systems on the market"! If you get our system and you think you can do better elsewhere, just return it back for a 100% full refund - Nope others won't do that either for you.
  • 2 year warranty on the pumps... But wait ! Did we say, we're committed to customer satisfaction 100% of the time? We sell high quality, very robust pumps. If there's anything wrong with your pump after the warranty period - LET US KNOW ! We will take care of you like no one else.